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After Builders Cleaning Brixton

builders_cleaningIf you have just renovated or refurbished your home, have converted or extended it, you can use our after builders cleaning services. They are great for sanitizing domestic and commercial estates. The local cleaners who work for us use advanced machines and safe for the environment products in their work. They will sanitize your indoor and outdoor areas and leave your estate perfectly clean. Our builders cleaning services are at your disposal in Brixton SW2 every day of the week.

After Builders Cleaning in BrixtonPrices
After Builders Cleaning £23/h

Complete Builders Cleaning in Brixton, SW2

The builders cleaning which we provide is trustworthy because:

  • Our staff come supplied with the necessary ladders, wet and dry cleaning machines, scourers
  • Our employees use protective gloves and dust masks whenever it is necessary
  • It includes cleaning of paint splatters and stains, dust, plaster markings, glues sticks
  • Our employees will remove the dust from every surface
  • Includes indoor cleaning of the rooms and complete sanitizing of the outdoor areas
  • It is done according to the requirements of the customer
  • We use protective sheets to cover different surfaces, furniture and items

The builders cleaning which we provide will turn your building site into a clean and comfortable place. It includes construction waste removal from your rooms and outdoor areas and its disposal in the proper places.

Affordable After Builders Cleaning Service

builders_cleaning1Our staff will sanitize the walls, ceilings and floors, remove the paint splatters, stains and markings from them. They will pressure wash the paved, brick, concrete and tiled areas using advanced jet washing machines. The builders cleaning which we offer in Brixton SW2 will make your home and commercial property sanitized and spotless. We will gather the plaster, cement, mortar and other construction leftovers and take them out of your estate. Our cleaning staff will steam clean your carpets and upholstery if it is necessary to remove the obstinate stains and dust from them.

They will cover some of the pieces of furniture and items to protect them during the cleaning process. Get in touch with us to order the builders cleaning which we offer in Brixton SW2 and your property will be sanitized quickly and efficiently.

Tailored to your needs: Customised After Builder Cleaning

  • Custom Cleaning Plans: Each cleaning service we offer will be customised to your needs and we will make sure every aspect fits your requirements and expectations.
  • A thorough Service: Our cleaning service includes cleaning both residential and commercial properties and tackle small and large refurbishment jobs.

Professional Post-Construction Cleaning

After every building or remodelling job, thorough after builder cleaning is of extreme importance. We are a local cleaning agency and specialise in converting your freshly decorated or refurbished rooms into spotless settings that are ready to use right away. Give Cleaner Brixton a call and schedule our complete after builder cleaning services in Brixton SW2 are especially intended to achieve the best condition of your home.

Prioritizing Safety and Sustainability

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: We use sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning options to ensure the safety of our customers and the environment.
  • Adherence to Safety Standards: We follow strict protocols and make sure our work meets all standards and requirements for this type of cleaning.

Comprehensive Cleaning: Beyond the Basics

  • Surface-Level and Deep Cleaning: We clean all surfaces, but also deeply disinfect various materials.
  • Specialized Techniques: We provide our local cleaners with innovative equipment, tools and products.

Frequently Asked Questions About After Builder Cleaning

What is the Optimal Timing for this type of Cleaning?

We suggest that you book your after builders cleaning as soon as your renovations are complete. That way you will not allow dust and grime to settle and will be able to use your freshly renovated property as soon as possible.

Do you use Safe Cleaning Methods that will not cause harm to me or my family/my fabrics and materials?

Yes, all techniques we use will be suited to your materials and fabrics – they will efficiently clean them while not causing any harm. What is more, we utilise eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning solutions and techniques that are completely safe for you and your family members.

Do you follow any Safety Protocols?

We follow safety protocols and stick to strict safety measures. We efficiently remove hazardous materials and dust, ensuring the complete safety and hygiene of your property.

Do you offer Maintenance Schedules?

Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance appointments for larger renovation jobs that will ensure that fine dust, grime and stains do not settle and become hard to remove or even permanent.