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Oven Cleaning Brixton

oven_cleaning Ovens need to be maintained clean and sanitized regularly in order to work properly and don’t spoil the taste of the meals which are prepared. We offer professional oven cleaning which the residents of Brixton can take advantage of. The cleaners in our company have the necessary effective cleaning solutions and equipment that remove stains, grease and carbon deposits. If you use our oven cleaning services your cooking appliance will be in a perfect condition and serve you long time.

Kitchen Cleaning Prices
Single Oven Cleaning £60
Double Oven Cleaning £79

Our Top-notch Oven Cleaning in Brixton

The oven cleaning which we provide includes the following:

  • Removing all trays, racks other components from the oven
  • Sanitizing inside the oven with appropriate cleaning solution
  • Using dissolved eco-friendly detergent and steam to disinfect the oven
  • Soaking the removable oven parts in our dip tanks with heated cleaning solution
  • Polishing the panel glass of the oven door
  • Removing grease, food stains, carbon deposits and grime from the inside and outside of the oven

Our Reliable Cleaners in Brixton

Our cleaning staff will start by taking out all removable parts of the oven and using mild cleaning solution to wipe the inside surfaces of the oven. They will let it work for some time and sanitize the removed oven components.

oven_cleaning1 The cleaners use highly effective dip tanks with hot solution of water and detergent to extract grease and hard deposits. They also use special machines with steam to disinfect and clean the oven. After the oven parts are cleaned and the inside of the oven is wiped well, our cleaning technicians will put the oven removable parts back on their places. Use our customer care centre, online booking form or e-mail to reserve the oven cleaning which we provide in Brixton. We provide one off and regular oven cleaning done in a frequency which is most convenient to our customers.

Our cleaning personnel will improve the performance of your electric appliance after they sanitize the inside and outside surfaces and all components of your oven. Rely on them to maintain your oven and ensure its long usage. The oven cleaning which we offer is available in and around Brixton seven days per week.