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Window Cleaning Brixton

Window Cleaner BrixtonWindows should be sanitised regularly to be clearly visible and kept clean. We offer exceptional window cleaning services that can be used by the residents of Brixton SW2 from Monday to Sunday. Our staff of cleaners use the latest technologies and tools for cleaning windows which ensure excellently done work.

They work with water fed pole systems, cradles, ropes, platforms and lifts. Using purified water and mild cleaning solution in some cases, our technicians remove smudges, dirt, stains and dust. Get in touch with us to book the cleaning of the windows in your property.

Trustworthy Window Cleaning Brixton

The window cleaning which you will get if you use our services is effective and inexpensive. We offer:

  • Cleaning with water fed pole system
  • Using of rope to access high windows – abseiling
  • Utilizing of platforms and scissor lifts to clean windows up to 300 ft. from the ground
  • Cleaning the external windows of high buildings through cradles
  • Working following the requirements for safety of the local authorities

The window cleaning which we provide is done in line with the height and position of the windows and property. All of the methods for sanitising which our staff apply are safe, efficient and guarantee completely washed, rinsed and well wiped windows that look great. We use water fed pole systems that work with purified water through specialized tools.

Window Cleaning Services Internal External
One Bed Property £20 £40
Two Bed Property £30 £60
Three Bed Property £40 £80
Commercial Cleaning Call for a quote

The cleaning is implemented from the ground with brush that is fed up with water, used to clean and rinse the window sills, frames and glasses. Reserve the window cleaning which you need using our services that we offer in Brixton and our staff will make your windows look like new.

Window Cleaners SW2

Window Cleaning BrixtonThe abseiling method is carried out on high windows through the use of ropes. It is implemented by well trained and qualified cleaning technicians. Utilizing platforms, cradles and lifts, our staff can provide the necessary washing and rinsing of windows on high office and business buildings.

The cleaning is carried out safely, effectively and with no or minimal disruption to the customer. Get in touch with our company that operates in SW2 to book the window cleaning which you need.