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Hedge Trimming Brixton SW2

Hedge Trimming Before and AfterHedges can act like a natural boundary around the property and to make a good impression of it need to be shaped regularly. Some species need once in the year trimming, others – a few times. Many evergreen hedges can be cut during the whole summer till the end of September.

Most deciduous hedges can be cut once per year after flowering which is from June to September. Our gardeners can provide the necessary cares for your plants and shrubs to make them look good and be in healthy state. Our hedge trimming services are implemented in Brixton SW2 during the most suitable time.

Gardening Services in BrixtonPrices
Lawn Mowing £45 /h
Hedge Trimming £45 /h
Tree Pruning on request

Effective Hedge Trimming Brixton

By using our professional services you will get expert advice and effectively done work. We can offer you:

  • One-off trimming of your hedges
  • Annual maintenance of your shrub species
  • Shaping of conifer, deciduous, evergreen and other hedge types
  • Using of sharp shears to cut smaller plants
  • Using of powerful trimmers to shape hedgerows and older plants

Depending on the condition of the hedges and their type, our gardeners can prepare you an annual maintenance programme to have your plants kept healthy and thick. If the hedges are cut too much they can have bare or brown patches and this will deteriorate their growth.

On the other hand, too overgrown hedges look unsightly, aren’t steady and thick enough.

“We made the hedges in our property well cut, thicker and more compact by using the gardening services offered by this company. The guys did great work which visibly improved the condition of our yard. They were on time at our property and achieved impressive results with the hedge trimming they did.” – Yasmin

Hedge Cutting and Maintenance SW2

Hedge Maintenance BrixtonRely on our experienced gardeners to provide effective hedge trimming with great results. You will be pleased with the final result. Schedule the hedge trimming we offer and your home or business property, based in Brixton will look much better.

If you need consultation or help with the maintenance of your bush species give us a call and we will send our experts to your address. They will consult you how often and when to have your plants cut to make them dense and healthy developing.

Use our hedge trimming services for your domestic or commercial estate, located in SW2 and we will make your property look impeccable. Our gardeners use effective shears and electric trimmers to keep shrubberies and hedgerows neatly shaped.